Fishing Information

Charters in St. Simons, Jekyll Island, and St. Marys

Fishing Trip Information for Charters in St. Simons, Jekyll Island, and St. Marys

While proudly serving St. Simons , Jekyll , Sea Island , Brunswick and St. Mary’s our departures usually leave from St. Simons and Jekyll Isl. making it convenient for the vacationing family’s visiting the Golden Isles.

We offer many different types of trips from family outings to our near shore shark adventures . Depending on the time of year some species may be more plentiful than others so you can always call and ask what the Best Bite would be for the time of year your group would like to fish .

Inshore Trips

Our inshore trips are the most popular for table fare which usually consist of trout , redfish , flounder and tripletail . Customers are more than welcome to keep their limit for dinner but we encourage them to practice catch and release on the redfish . We have been tagging redfish for the Department of Natural Resources Division for some time now and always like to involve the clients in this process before releasing the fish . The information we get back from this data is vital to the healthy population of the species .

Inshore Rates:

4 hrs - 450.00

6 hrs - 550.00

8 hrs - 650.00

Rates are for 2 anglers . Each additional angler is 50.00 with a maximum number of 4 anglers per trip . Larger groups can be accommodated , just let us now how many is in your party.

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Near Shore Trips : Shark - Tarpon - Bullreds

The coastal waters of the Golden Isles shark and tarpon fishing is like no other you have ever seen . We have a healthy shark population and one of the worlds largest breeding grounds off of Cumberland Island.

Starting around late April through September our shark fishing charters are hands down the most popular for our clients who are interested in fast pace action and landing that monster fish.

These trips take you on a beautiful scenic tour of our coastal barrier islands a few miles out from the beach until we hit our destination to where we will fish around our local shrimping boats . The sharks will follow the shrimpers nets along the bottom of the ocean while they are trying to catch our award famous Ga. white shrimp and the sharks will feast on what drifts out of their nets. You will witness working local shrimp boats in action while catching huge blacktip and spinner sharks weighing in the area of 80 to 100 pounds.

The migratory tarpon run is usually in full swing around July and August . Tarpon can be challenging and is usually done by the more seasoned angler who is looking to land that one big prize . Sometimes you may have to go several trips before or even landing a tarpon but it can be done.

Near Shore Rates:

4 hrs - 450.00

6 hrs - 550.00

8 hrs - 650.00

Rates are for 2 anglers . Each additional angler is 50.00n with a maximum of 6 anglers per trip. Larger groups can be accommodated.

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Kids Trips

Our kids trips pay special attention to the needs of the junior angler but are really fun for the entire family . These trips are one of my favorite and are all about keeping rods bent and smiles on their faces so catching is a must.

We target a lot of smaller sharks , whiting , stingrays and anything else that will bite to keep the children busy and making memories that they will never forget . I promise you when you tuck them in that night they will still be talking about remember when I caught that BIG SHARK AND HOW HE PULLED. ( In their minds it was JAWS )

We keep these trips to a 2 or 3 hour time limit so the kids will have time to experience everything from the boat ride to catching some fish or maybe even their first fish without them losing interest or becoming overwhelmed . Special pricing applies.

Kids Trip Rates:

2 hrs - 325.00

3 hrs - 375.00

Rates are for 4 anglers. Each additional angler is 25.00 with a maximum of 6 anglers per trip .

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What We Provide On All Trips

-All equipment and tackle
-Fishing license for everyone
-Bottled water
-Fish cleaning
-Memories of a life time

What We Suggest You Bring

-Food of your choice for the day