Frequently Asked Questions

Things to know before your fishing trip!

How do I reserve my trip?

Once we have talked and decided on the best type of trip for you and your group I will need a credit card to hold on file to reserve your permanent date and time.

Do we pay before the trip?

No , the credit card just ensures your reservation. After the trip I can charge you debit or credit card on the boat with you or you can pay cash.

Am I supposed to tip?

It is custom to tip your Captain if you are satisfied with your service like you would at a restaurant. Tipping is definitely not mandatory but is greatly appreciated and helps with the cost of keeping everything in new working order to provide the best service avaliable for our clients.

What if you are booked on the days we would like to fish?

I will call or give you the numbers to call of some of the other captains I would recommend you to fish with to help you book your trip. I want your vacation and fishing experience with us in the golden isles to be one to remember so you will come back with us year after year .

What do you provide?

-Fishing license for everyone
-All equipment and tackle
-Cooler with ice
-Bottled water
-Fish cleaning
-Memories of a lifetime

What do you suggest we bring?

-Food of choice for the day
-Sunglasses (preferably polarized)

Can we keep fish to eat?

Depending on the type of trip you book, yes. Some species are catch and release only but we do catch a verity of fish that are good table fair. Some species such as redfish I do recommend catch and release but will allow you to take a few home. When we do catch and release I will be glad to show you how we tag and record data that will be turned into the DNR to insure the future survival of these fish.

Do we clean our own fish?

No, I will clean all your fish once we get back to the dock at no extra cost to you. At the end of the trip I will give you a clean zip lock bag with your fish in it so there will be no mess for you to deal with on the ride home.

What is your cancelation policy?

Anything outside of seven days you may cancel with no penalty which will allow me to have time to rebook that day. Anytime within seven days if you cancel you will be charged half your booked rate.

What if we have bad weather?

If the weather is bad we can talk about other fishing options for that day or if you are not interested in another type of fishing we can rebook another day if possible or cancel the trip all together due to bad weather which there will be no charge to you. Everyone's safety comes first.